Let’s Reuse It comes to Your Building

Let’s Reuse It provides home pickups and textile collection bins for residential buildings in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. Instead of lugging heavy bags full of used clothes, shoes, and household items to drop them off at faraway collection bins, you can simply give us a call and have the items collected from your building. A simple call from you will help us recycle and reuse the articles you no longer need. This can not only be given to people in need but even help save the environment by preventing the textiles from getting into our landfills. We are committed to making textile recycling in Arlington and shoes recycling in Arlington easier and more efficient. 

Let’s Reuse It comes to Your Building

"At present, our services cover a large number of residential buildings throughout Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. If your building hasn’t yet been covered by us, you can request us for an in-building bin placement or collection site. This will make the collection and recycling of clothes, shoes and other household goods hassle-free and simple.

Request a bin for Your Building.

Step 1:
Please complete the form on our website. Once we receive information about your building’s location, available space, and size, we can decide the bin size that will suit it.
Step 2:
Spot a location that has adequate space to set up the bins. Your building’s residents should be able to access this spot easily. Most buildings we serve identify their laundry rooms as the best place to position our bins.
Step 3:
Let your building’s residents know about the program and the location of the bin.
Collections from Buildings

After you have completed the steps above, we will set the bins. Once they start to fill, we will schedule a pickup (usually on a Saturday). The pickup could be monthly or bi-weekly, based on the volume of materials your building residents are depositing into the bins.
Since these deposits often fluctuate, we can adjust our pickup schedule the best way we can to meet your building’s requirements. And if the bins are full to the brim before our pickup schedule, you can request us for an immediate pickup by dropping us an email right away at info@letsreuseit.com
If you have any questions about the steps above or anything else related to our collections and bin placements in your building, you can seek answers via email directed to info@letsreuseit.com

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we have been helping create collection hubs in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland, which we use to collect unwanted clothing and shoes.

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