Join Hands with Let’s Reuse It to Host a Drive

With the help of Let’s Reuse It, you can host a drive to make the recycling of used clothing, shoes, and other household goods accessible to your community. Such drives will also offer you and your community an educational opportunity and could even help raise funds for your chosen charity or organization.

Steps to Host a Drive

The procedure is simple. After you contact us with your intention to host a drive, we will let you download templates of flyers and promotional literature from our website, which you can customize to advertise your drive. If you want your drive to be publicly accessible, our team can make people aware of it by running promotional campaigns through our social media channels.
Once the bags you use for the drive are full of used clothing, shoes, and household items, you will need to gather them all, and we will pick them up.

Who’s Eligible to Host a Drive?

Anyone can host a drive. Let’s Reuse It has helped offices, schools, libraries, school clubs, business districts, HOAs, community centers, sports teams, places of worship, and more to host drives. We can help you too to host a successful drive.

What should be the Duration of My Drive?

You can run a drive for a few hours to one that continues for a month or even more. Based on our experience it takes at least a week or more to host successful drives because the duration gives people adequate time to remember to bring in their used items and make their contributions.
You could even opt for recurring drives by taking a cue from several schools that typically collect used clothes and household goods on the first Monday of each month.

During which Months should I Host My Drive?

At Let’s Reuse It, we have noticed that most successful drives are hosted during April or anytime when the seasons change (because this is when people usually clean out their closets and homes). However, if any other time during the year suits you better, you can host your drive then as well.

How Do I Handle the Collections?

You should ask people to pack their items in paper or plastic bags and bring them in. You will need to position a bin, box, or cart to hold the items people bring in.

How Do I Schedule a Pickup at the End of My Drive?

You can contact us, and together, we will zero in on a date that matches our present routing for your organization.

Is there a collection minimum or maximum?

No we can handle any amount of clothing collected.

The Minimum Limit for Drive Pick Ups:

Washington, D.C.: 5 bags (30 gallons each)
Virginia: 5 bags (30 gallons each)
Maryland: 5 bags (30 gallons each)
Note: Average grocery bags can hold 5 gallons, while average kitchen trash bags can hold 13 gallons. Average trash bags have the capacity to hold 30+ gallons.

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