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Let’s Reuse It Offers End-of-Use Expert Services

If your company or brand deals with textiles and needs tailor-made recycling infrastructure and sustainable solutions for its textile waste, we can help. Thanks to the growing awareness of consumers related to the detrimental effects of the fashion and apparel industry, the pressure is on brands and businesses in these domains to adopt more sustainable practices. Since millennials are value-driven, they tend to be more loyal to companies that have a purpose beyond profit and help address environmental and social issues. Whether you are a company catering to the mass market or a luxury brand targeting the classy and rich, we can work with you. By providing you with bespoke recycling infrastructure and sustainable textile waste solutions, we can help build a more environment-responsible industry.

Why You Need Our End-of-Use Expert Services

Unlike what many may think, textiles are much more than mere clothes. Apart from your clothing, such as pants, shirts, shorts, and dresses, textiles include backpacks, bedding, curtains, stuffed animals, socks, shoes, towels, undergarments, ties, and even your handbags and purses. There are several organizations, and one is ours, which can help you recycle textiles that are unusable, such as ripped t-shirts and pants or holey socks. By setting up a sustainable and bespoke recycling infrastructure, you can recycle these unusable items to create other usable products, such as stuffing for pillows and car seats, wiping rags, and household insulation. At the same time, you can get the message out to nearby residents and communities as well as your existing and potential customers to not just throw away their unusable items but donate them instead.
According to the SMART (Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association), just 15% of textiles are donated for recycling or reuse in the United States. Perhaps you can now imagine what high percentage of these wastes are disposed of without proper planning and end up in our landfills. To prevent this, you can use our end-of-use services to recycle your unusable textiles into fibers and reuse the ones not in good condition as rags. This way, you can reduce the dangerous wastes and do your part to conserve the environment.

Our End-of-Use Expert Services

  • Distribution of surplus inventory (reverse logistics, overstock, damages, etc.) to budding overseas markets. This involves removing woven labels or any other branding materials and sure-shot positioning in non-competing second-hand markets;
  • Apparel shredding;
  • Textile for in-store collection and recycling;
  • Management of retail take-back programs; and
  • Consultancy services for other end-of-use issues.

If you have misprinted items, such as proprietary clothes like uniforms or those meant for specific corporate events, which can’t be positioned in the second-hand market and have got to be shredded, we can handle the job against a small fee for each pound we shred.
If you meet our strict pickup minimums, you can contact our offices in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland to schedule a pickup.
You can contact us via email at info@letsreuseit.com with any questions regarding our end-of-use expert services.

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