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Why do I need to donate old clothes, shoes, and home linens?

Textile and material wastes in the USA constitute 9.5% of municipal solid waste generated annually. These wastes are a major component of our landfills. By donating your old clothes, shoes, and home linens for recycling and reuse, you can keep them away from getting into our landfills.

What items does Let’s Reuse It accept?

We accept all used but freshly laundered clothing, along with clothing accessories(belt, Scarves, hats), shoes, handbags, toys, Children’s clothing and shoes, Jewelry, and Bicycles.

We don’t accept pillows, Damaged clothes or shoes, Electronics, Food (beverages or perishable items), Furniture, Glass, Household appliances, Hazardous and toxic materials, Mattresses, Rollerblades, Rugs

What do you do with my donated items?

We take them to a sorting facility, where we assess their suitability for secondary uses. Almost 50% of collections are typically reused as clothing and sold in second-hand markets worldwide. Around 46% get upcycled as rags or shredded into fiber products that are used for diverse purposes like carpet padding, home insulation, and mattress stuffing. Around 4% can’t be repurposed though we are trying to find new solutions to bring down this percentage.

How’s reuse different from recycling?

Reuse refers to second-hand use of your clothing or shoes that you believe are of no more use to you. Recycling is where your discarded items are broken down into a fundamental resource to be used for new purposes.

Is Let’s Reuse It a nonprofit organization?

No. It’s a for-profit organization committed to recycling, reusing, and reselling lightly-used textiles and items used in the household. We are focused on environmental sustainability and aim to serve Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland by diverting their textile waste stream. We carry this out by providing an efficient, environment-friendly, hassle-free, and sustainable network of clothing and household items collection.

Will you give me tax-deductible receipts for my donations?

Since we are a for-profit business, we can’t give you tax-deductible receipts with our doorstep pickups or pickups for buildings and city drives. 

Do I have to pay to implement a clothing recycling program in my building?

No, we provide buildings bins and weekly pickups as a free service. We only ask that you collaborate with us to make the implementation process as smooth as possible.

What are your drop-off locations?

No, Currently we don’t have any drop-off locations, you can schedule a home pickup

Do you offer home pickups?

Yes. You can check our service page for home pickups to see if you meet our minimum limit for one-time pickups. If you do, you can reach us to request a doorstep pickup. If not, you could persuade your friends or neighbour’s to join hands and bring their donations to you to meet the minimum limit collectively. Else, you can bring your donation to one of our drop-off sites closest to you.

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