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Let’s Reuse It comes to Your Doorsteps to Collect Your Reusable Clothes

If you have unwanted clothing pickup in Arlington, you can give them away to Let’s Reuse It. Whether you’re a retail store, offer dry cleaning, or are decluttering your closet or moving to a new location, we can come right to your doorsteps to collect your unwanted and reusable items. Instead of throwing away these items that can cause pollution and get into our landfills, you can do a favor to the environment by asking us to pick these items up and recycle them to make them reusable. This will also help people who can benefit from the reuse of these recycled items, thus letting you play a significant part in benefitting your community.
Despite COVID-induced market conditions, our clothes and shoes home pickup in Arlington is available for free. However, we request your utmost cooperation to ensure we continue providing our services to you, and together, we can serve our community and do our bit for the environment as well.

Steps to Schedule a Pickup

Typically, we schedule our home pickups every Friday each week or every 10 days based on what suits you the best. In case Friday doesn’t suit you, we will try to schedule the pickup on another day. Once we finalize the day, our driver will give you a call and also we will send you an email to let you know when you are in the queue, thus giving you a heads-up. Depending upon the demands, we will continue adding days to our pickup calendar.
We request you to leave your bags, marked legibly, with the doorman or in an accessible lobby so that we can execute a pickup on the fly. Beyond that, we will put in our best effort to accommodate particular instructions.
If you have any questions about charity clothing pick up in Arlington, you can seek answers via email directed to info@letsreuseit.com.

Want to Bring Our Home Pickup Service to Your Town?

We welcome such opportunities as we love to join hands with community activists who can help us drum up some publicity for what we do and let people know about it. We just need to set a date after mutual discussions and then work together to get the word out.
You can send us an email at info@letsreuseit.com to schedule a collection day for your town.

The Minimum Limit for One-Time Pickups:

To optimize our efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, we have our one-time pickup minimum limits set for the regions as follows:
Washington, D.C.: 20 bags (30 gallons each)
Virginia: 10 bags (30 gallons each)

Once after we receive your request we will send you an email with the date and time for the pickup

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we have been helping create collection hubs in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland, which we use to collect unwanted clothing and shoes.

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